C4U Communications

CSR Policy


C4U is committed to behaving in a responsible, principled and ethical manner and supporting the social and environmental objectives of clients, partners and associates.


Transparency – we aim to be transparent about our own practices and openly share information and generic data with third parties to facilitate greater understanding and awareness of industry best practice.

Collaboration – we work collaboratively with our partners and alliances, contributing to a consensus on clear, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Client relationships – we acknowledge and comply with the corporate guidelines and ethos of our clients throughout our period of engagement.

Partnerships and alliances – we proactively engage in socially responsible partnerships and alliances.

Confidentiality – we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us and to compliance with competition law.

Equality – we support equal opportunities and will not engage in discrimination of any kind, in any context whatsoever.

We will not enter into agreements with any party which could undermine our integrity or be seen as detrimental to our credibility.