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C4U Communications cj-passpt-2 Claire Johnson

Writer, journalist, petrolhead & erstwhile rock chick
Independent Mental Health Advocate

Communications Consultant since 1993
Member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ)
Certified Member of the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC)
Independent Mental Health Advocate


A skilled wordsmith who is passionate about meaningful and relevant communication in any medium and at every level. Claire is equally at home working with senior figures in government, public bodies and in the corporate arena, or with individuals and communities needing guidance or support to articulate their message. She is noted for her attention to detail and can deliver any aspect of corporate communication.

Claire’s wide ranging expertise includes PR, marketing, communication strategy development, project planning and management, social media strategy, web content development and management, social media strategy and conference and event management, as well as writing, design, editing, and end-to-end production of material for online or print publication.

Her experience as a journalist and editor means Claire is sensitive to the needs of the press and other media, and this contributes to positive and pro-active PR services on behalf of clients. Crisis communication in particular benefits from her ability to establish positive relationships with the press.

Claire has been engaged as a consultant in a variety of sectors including the oil and gas industry, policing and criminal justice services, insurance, property restoration, risk and continuity management, music, theatre, television and media industries and F1 motor racing.

She has written articles on a wide range of topics and edited and produced numerous corporate journals and magazines, including the damage management industry magazine Recovery which she published from 2000-2017.



  • Press & Marketing Officer for the British Damage Management Association (BDMA) – developed and managed the association’s brand, overseeing design, implementation and content management of website iterations; edited and produced training manuals and standards documentation; managed and delivered BDMA Conferences; devised and co-ordinated delivery of the training model from mid 2014; advised on and set up many of the association’s procedures and protocols together with all generic internal and external documentation.
  • British Standards Institution Distinguished Service Certificate – Awarded ‘in appreciation of valuable contributions to the development of British, European and International standards’ in relation to BS12999 – British Standard for Damage Management.
  • 2012 Olympic Games, Games Maker assigned to the Media & PR Team at the headquarters of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG).
  • BP (Engineering Division) –published author of the book, Some of our Yesterdays, on the history of BP Engineering. Instrumental in development of the division’s internal and external communication strategy; production and delivery of training and communication on change management; produced the division’s first regular publication aimed at employees.
  • Police Federation of England & Wales – Project management of the Federation response to the Sheehy Inquiry, including input to strategy, correlation of specialist consultants’ contributions, development of membership involvement procedures, analysis of information and daily progress reports to the Chairman.
    – Editing and redesign of the Federation guide to Changes to Pay and Conditions 2003.
    – Plus significant work with individual forces and articles on policing and crime related issues.
  • Marketing activities in the music industry and at the BBC, working with artists such as Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker and Jon Lord.
  • Performance related work – Roles in theatre and television.
    Ongoing ad hoc voice over services now primarily associated with corporate media.
  • Volunteering –
    Independent Mental Health Advocacy (ongoing). Providing one-to-one support for individuals struggling to cope with mental health issues. Raising the profile of #MentalHealthAwareness
    Chair of The Greenwich Community Safety Trust (2000-2003) and representative for local businesses. This charitable partnership between police, council, businesses, voluntary sector and the public, co-ordinated community safety issues in the Borough. Additional responsibilities included advice on communication and marketing, together with management of certain targeted social regeneration projects.

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