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Mental Health

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We are passionate about raising awareness of the many facets of mental illness and hope our efforts will contribute to a greater understanding of the complex issues that sufferers deal with on a daily basis.

We also proactively support organisations and individuals fighting for better mental health services.


Raising awareness of mental health issues is vital if we are to end the stigma that is so often associated with this subject.

Hearing from people with a mental illness, learning how to respond, and understanding ways to support them, can change the stereotypical views held by so many.

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Self-care comes in many different forms and writing down thoughts & feelings can be liberating. Whether it helps to shift thoughts out of the brain, acts as a testament to a recovery journey, or is shared to help others, it’s an immensely valuable tool.

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Mental Health Advocacy

As an Independent Mental Health Advocate, Claire Johnson provides one-to-one support for those affected by mental health issues on a voluntary basis.

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